Sunday, September 9, 2012

Patio pictures

We worked on our backyard this summer. 
Here are some pictures from one of the projects.
My new deck.  Larger and new railing.
We are still trying to get the grass to grow.
I had fun going to a garden center and creating my pots for the patio.


  1. Your house and garden look amazing, that deck is gorgeous! Love how you have several plants in the one pot, so pretty.

  2. I think when we have teenagers we all need a play house to go to to pray!! I love your pics! Lisa your house is beautiful but what I really love is that is has pine trees!! Oh how I miss my trees in Montana. Lewiston is not a beautiful place to live. ha ha I love that you share your life on your blog and not just the cards and crafts. I love the crafts you make but the fact that you have such wonderful decorating abilities is amazing too!! I love the cottage style of your little play house. boy I owould love to have you help me pick out some new curttains!! My whole house needs new linens and curtains. Know any place good to buy them from?? Hugs, Joanna