Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm still here!!!

Hello!! I'm still here!  Not only has the computer been "on vacation", I have been overwhelmed with the busy life I lead.  We put a new ceiling in the basement, redecorated the kitchen, repainted the hallway enterance, put in a new deck, patio and raised gardens, and all while trying to work.  We have had company from Alaska, Maine, and Canada.  Gone to two church conventions.  Delt with a car accident that totaled my son's new car, and recooped from a radical hysterectomy.  So, now the summer is over and I am dealing with new students, outdated medical records and looking forward to Christmas vacation!! LOL!
I have done a few projects these last few months but my computer doesn't want to download my pictures!!  Hopefully I can get caught up before it gets too overwhelming!!  Lisa