Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bulletin board for school

One of the many bulletin boards I have done.

Graduation photos

This year was busy with graduations.  Alan graduated from high school and Rachel from 8th grade.

Afghan for my mother-in-law

I enjoy knitting and crocheting along with my card making. This is the latest project I made for Christmas for my husband's mom.

Broken China birdhouse

I have seen beautiful mosaic birdhouses on Pinterest and wanted to create my own. I started this summer and have continued to add more as time allows.  I'm not done but thought I would post what is completed.
This is what I started with.

The stages of work.

Summer on the farm

My parents are on a farm in Canada.  This summer I came up to help for a couple of days.
The simplicity of a farm is wonderful!

Farewell album for my co-worker

I have worked 15 years with another nurse at the school.  She has retired this year so I created a memory album for individuals to write about their favorite memories of her.  I presented the book to her at the retirement party.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 in review!

Where did the year go?!  My job took a lot out of me this year!  Naps and early bedtimes were more appealing than crafts. Sad!
I went to the southern part of the Caribbean in Febuary.  The western part in April.  Canada in July and had two graduations this year along with Thanksgiving  and Christmas family meals here.  My son started college in the fall, I worked all summer at the school as I am the "head nurse".  We put an addition on the house and continued to landscape the back yard.
I have a few projects to share with you that I snuck in during the year.  I will try and post when I can.
Hope 2015 brings joy and wonderful memories to all!