Sunday, September 9, 2012

Painting by Cindy Landi for my kitchen

We also redecorated/painted our kitchen and hallway this spring/summer.
I found this painter on e-bay and she has created a painting that includes our home, town and family.
Her name is Cindy Landi. She did a wonderful job!!!!!
In this painting you can see the picture of our house in the middle and various town sites.
When we were trying to come up with what to include, I wanted to have our family put into it.
She has Rachel at the bottom with the wagon, me in the flower cart, my husband, Scott, chopping wood and my son, Alan, in the upper left side coming back from fishing.
I also wanted to put the grandmother's into the painting.  She put my mother's favorite activities, crafts, on a building to the right and my mother-in-laws Pies in the town hall.  Rachel loves to read books so we put a book nook with her name in it.  I love coffee and chocolate so my store is in there as well.  We have a big fair in Deerfield every year so put the fairgrounds in the back.  The little school house represents where I work as a school nurse.
I thought it turned out so great.  Very happy with the results.
Town Hall
Alan in the upper left and Scott on the lower left.
My "playhouse" is even in the picture!!!
School and fairgrounds in the back.


  1. Cindy is a friend of mine she supports our non profit by donating her talent shes a wonderful person with outstanding talent , and a friend we are truly honored to know . Cindy can brighten your world with nothing but a paintbrush and her smile we love her , John and Bobbi founders of Unity

    1. Thank you Miss Bobbi! <3