Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink poinsettias

I love pink. 
At Christmas time it is difficult to find pink poinsettias for cards so I decided to make my own this year.
I used a lily punch from Punch Bunch.
The layers were: cardstock and velum(I think that is how you spell it?)
The first two layers were with a large leaf and the last were smaller to give it dimension.
I coated the leaves with clear and gold glitter and the centers were with gold beads and glitter.
This is what I started with:

I took an embossing tool and marked down the center of the leaves to give it a "vein" look.

First layer:

Second layer with the larger leaf

Third layer with a smaller size leaf
Final layer

I then created the centers and added glitter
gold accents

Clear accents
This is what I ended up with for my card.
I will post the card listing soon.

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