Monday, March 12, 2012

Our yearly news letter:)

I sent this letter out over the holidays to give a little giggle to a few of our family members.  Since then, I have gotten requests to give copies to others.  I thought I would just post it and have everyone enjoy a little laugh.  My kids are embarrased-but-when are they not!!!!  :)
Note: I put some extra explaining into the letter where I am not sure everyone will understand the spoof.

Mary Krismas and a Hapy New Yer!!!!!

Hi, I want to wish everyone a great new yer!
I wanted to let you know how we are doing.
This yer has been wonerfull!!  Scott finaly took the wheels off the house.  It makes everything so stable.  We don’t worry about the wind as much because we set hay bales around the outside.  Makes it warmer.  Scott has recently added on to the outhouse.  We are so proud of our two seater.  We can’t imagine life without it.  Family time is so much sweeter.
Scott never fails to impress me.  We have made a date night once a month.  Sam’s Club serves a wonderful selection of food and we can window shop after the meal.(Sam's club is a bulk food store)
I am still working at the skool.  I have noticed this year all the trash they throw away.  Such a waste!!  I have enjoyed going through the trash and finding treasures.  Right now I have been using milk containers everyone throws out and am making bird houses to sell on ebay.(I am finding empty milk cartons on my desk for some reason now???:)
Alan has found a new hobby.  He has been collecting moose dropping out behind the house.  He has been designing belt buckles, jewelry and paper weights.  They have been big sellers to the tourists.  We find that the Iowan’s have been buying him out.(side note:  my twin sister lives in Iowa and I love to tease her for those who aren't in on the family competition)  A side benefit from the moose dropping is that his warts have cleared up.  Scott thinks that Alan’s foot fungus may be helped by the droppings as well so we are applying it twice a day.  We hope to see some improvement soon.
Rachel has braces with elastic bands.  She is so talented.  She has learned how to pick the original version on the Hal a loo yah chorus.  She played for the sixth grade concert.  They had a fund raiser for school that sold towels.  They sold out before the end of the song.  She is now trying to learn Beer Barrel Polka
Well that is all that I can think of.  I hope you have a great year.  My wish for you is that you never run out of duck tape and your coupons never expire.

Lisa and family


  1. Well...I smiled from start to finish, this is what fun is all about!!! Very clever humour, do I really have to wait another year for the next one? It reminds me of a few 'newsletters' we have over here, I will let you know when I post one. sue x

  2. Thanks for the chuckle, Lisa! Very clever, my friend!

  3. First of all thanks for the lovely award. I will post about it in one or two days.

    Great newsletter......good start on the morning :-D
    Hugs Sinikka

  4. Fab and fun newsletter Lisa .
    Hugs Elaine